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About Quest Direct


Quest Direct was set up in the effort to aid independent distributors of Workwear and PPE, disposable and hand protection gloves, Footwear and Infection control equipment for the automotive, construction, catering, chemical and engineering industries and healthcare sectors.

Quest Direct has developed a multi-product sourcing solution that inevitably brings about bolstered Gross Profit Margins. 

What is the benefit?

This multi-product sourcing ensures that companies not only widen their product range but do so without the cumulative costs being unmanageable from requiring addition finance and storage as larger inventories and increased overhead costs are prevented.

How does it happen?

Quest Direct’s distinctive supply chain consolidation program ensures your products come via our designated network of outstanding manufacturers of workwear, PPE, disposable and protective gloves, hand and body sanitation products ensuring your requirements are met and allows you to have a competitive edge just like that enjoyed by larger competitors who directly import their own products.

Quest Direct Consolidation Program

Quest Direct source numerous products from certified manufacturers in China with all products being delivered through our rigorous delivery system. In order for these products to be delivered to yourself we offer the various delivery arrangements:

  1. Direct complete varied product container which is offered in either 20’ or 40’ on either FOB, CIF or the more popular DDP (delivered to the door with duty paid) basis. The DDP arrangement is at present available only in the UK and some Eurozone countries.
  2. Mixed product pallet service to the UK market specifically where customers can group a range of variety products into each shipment on monthly schedule.

The Outcome

Our goal inevitably is to supply approved quality range of products throughout to a network of independent distributors with the intension of our customers maximising their profits as they minimise their cost structures.